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Navigating the CoViD-19 Pandemic

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Standardized Testing Status

Courtesy of ArborBridge (as of 4/22/2020)


  • Prepare and register for the July exam with September as a back-up. If ACT adds a new make-up date, register for it. 


  • Prepare and register for the August exam with September and October as back-ups. See note below.

Subject Tests

  • August is the best Subject Test date for most students because they are likely currently taking the class for that exam. Prepare and register for the August test with September as a backup. See note below.

NOTE: Determine if it makes more sense to take the SAT in August (especially first-time test-takers) and the Subject Tests in September or the Subject Tests in August (closest to the end of the class(es) you're taking now) and the SAT in September (especially for those who have taken the SAT at least once already).

arbor bridge SAT / ACT test cancellations 2020-04-22
arbor bridge test cancellations legend
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