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Frequently Asked Questions


What does College Advising Team do?

College Advising Team provides college application and career counseling for high school, transfer, and college students of all ages. We are a group of higher education professionals with years of experience in virtual and in-person workshops and small group or one-on-one college and career counseling and recruiting.

What is college application counseling and why would I need it?

You are unique and we value that. We work closely as a team to ensure your strengths and attributes are highlighted on your applications while helping you find your writer's voice in your essays. Our individualized process ensures you are able to demonstrate your unique qualities. Whether you are a high school student or a community college transfer student, our goal is to ensure that all aspects of your college applications reflect your unique qualities that will help college admissions see you for more than just an academic profile.

What is career counseling and why would I need it?

College-aged students seeking an internship or a full-time job after graduation would benefit from our work to develop your employee profile, help with building a professional-looking resume that will catch the eyes of discerning recruiters and modern scanning software algorithms used in the recruitment process, support with crafting a LinkedIn profile and tips on networking to get your foot in the door of desired companies and interviewing techniques to better your chances of landing that new job.

What types of things will we work on?

Each of our students will have a program tailored to their specific needs in whatever part of the college or job application process in which they find themselves. High school students will work on college list development to find schools that are within three areas: likely, target, and reach. We will focus on ensuring your strengths and attributes are highlighted on your applications while helping you find your writer's voice with personal statement development. Students that are already attending college might work on resume construction, job or internship searches, mock interviews to build confidence.

Does College Advising Team guarantee results?
While every student's outcome and experience is personal, and we cannot guarantee admissions to any one particular college, we have successful results. 100% of our students have been accepted to at least one of their colleges. More importantly, students and their families are very satisfied with the outcome.


Couldn’t I apply to college on my own?

Of course you could. However, with support from our team, breaking the process into smaller, manageable projects, we help you stay on track without the added stress of missing deadlines. Additionally, we build life-long skills such as time and project management.

How will I work with your team?

Supporting you is our number one objective. We offer small group workshops and one-on-one advising. Any appointment can be conducted virtually.

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