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Graduate & Professional School Applications

We work closely as a team to ensure that each student's strengths and attributes are highlighted in their applications while helping them find their writer's voice in their essays. Our individualized process is tailored specifically for the graduate school application process. Whether they are a college student or a recent college graduate, our goal is to ensure all aspects of their graduate school or professional school applications reflect their unique qualities that will help graduate school admissions see them for more than just an academic profile.

Topics Covered Include:


  • Graduate Admissions Process Overview

  • Academic Plan/Schedule Review

  • Strategic College Application Planning

  • School Records Assessment

  • College Research and List Development

  • Resume Development

  • Personal Statement / Essay Development

  • Logistical Support (time management, password management, application tracking, recommendation tracking)

  • Supplemental Application Development

  • Review/Compare Acceptance Packages

  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Support



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